Monday, February 26, 2007

We're homeowners!!!

It's official, the Old Man and I bought our first house!! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to call, but he was with me in spirit... In fact, he was very much with me- all day today!


This is us driving to the closing. We were pretty nervous at this point.

The Old Man was reviewing the paperwork.

Signing away!!

We got the keys!!

This was our celebratory crab fest dinner afterwards.

And our well deserved beers!! :)

Today wasn't so bad after all! Except that I had to sign 500 papers with my signature, his signature, and mine saying it was for him. Our lawyers and realtors got a good laugh! Thankfully, one of them was a former Marine so he seemed to understand. They all even made some choice selections on how to pose the Old Man! :) We move in next week!


Christie said...

OH GOD this is so funny! I love it I love it I love it!!!

mom said...

As busy as your life is, you never miss a beat. You are sooo funny girl !!! Keep it up !! Love you bunches !!!

Kim said...

oh anna you kill me. too cute!!

Anonymous said...

love, love, love this and both of you.
The old man has never looked better.GMAC

Anonymous said...

You are so crazy!!!! Do you lie awake at night thinking these things up? Congrats on the signing of your first new home. I know the Old Man and you will love it. Hope to see you soon.
Older Man Hancock

Robin said...

Congrats to you! How cute you are with that picture frame of him! Start a scrapbook, do it now! You will be so glad you did later!
aka "The Master Scrapper"
ha ha!

Sparky Duck said...

Blue Moon, Crabs and a mortgage, the day could not have gotten much better.

Anonymous said...

This montage is too funny! CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!