Friday, February 23, 2007

Google: the answer to all of life's important questions!

I always get a laugh when I read my web counter to see what sorts of things brought people to my blog. Sometimes people will Google search names of Marines that I might have posted about, or "1/6 Marines", or I even had someone directed to my blog by searching "A man bride". Today was the icing on the cake and I just couldn't resist posting about it.

I admit that I've Google-d myself before to see if I'm worthy enough to have something on the Internet about me, but so far no luck. And my friend Gena and I would spend way too much time Google-ing our friends or potential dates we had. And I maaaay have Google-d a boyfriend of mine's ex girlfriend or two before. (As if this isn't enough) my sister and I laugh about the time when she lost her keys after frantically tearing up her house so she Google-d "Where are my keys?" OK, so maybe I spend too much time Google-ing, but I'll tell ya, you can really Google anyone or anything and find your answer. You should try it sometime.

Today someone searched, "I'm in a heartbreaking love with an old man," and it brought them to my blog. Funny thing is, it wasn't even a question, just a statement! I can barely type this without cracking up, but if the Google-r who searched this is reading my blog right now, I sincerely hope you find what you're looking for! :)

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