Monday, February 05, 2007

The Old Man is on TV!

OK, he's really not. But it sure does look like him if that counts! Has anybody seen that Rembrandt commercial? The one where the camera closes in on two models kissing and the guy sings, “Hoooold on to your love, it might not be coming back,” in the background? I actually should say, has anyone seen the Old Man after he’s grown in his 5 o’clock shadow (really I mean his shadow that he grows on demand) then seen that commercial? I get all warm and fuzzies when it comes on. It’s uncanny how much that guy looks like the Old Man! (Yes ladies, my husband is HOT!) :) FYI-This was before I realized what the song in the background was saying.

Normally watching a commercial this up close and personal might gross me out a little bit, but lucky for me I have this big black rectangle across my TV screen that blocks out most of the main picture. It allows me to get the point of the picture and so far, well, a week's worth of watching with it so far, that's good enough for me. Apparently its level of annoyance doesn’t hold a candle to waiting on hold for RCN Cable, because I have yet to call and ask what the heck the blurb is all about. In fact, I’m starting to think it’s not RCN at all, but may be God censoring the screen to subtly tell me to quit watching so much TV and do my homework. But I digressed…

The funny thing is, as I’m writing this thinking, “Oh, I’ll YouTube it! I know it’s on there and I can show everyone my husband looks as cute as a model!” Then I remembered that one time my mom and I made the Old Man try on clothes and hats in Urban Outfitters and he looked so gorgeous that another girl actually asked him if he was in a poster downstairs. Anywho, I searched YouTube and sure enough it’s on there! Only back to the funny thing, it’s not at all what I thought. In fact, after seeing that commercial I’m almost willing to delete this post altogether cause seeing it without the black box across the screen gives it a whole other type of viewing.

So if this is a little awkward for Mama Hancock I apologize ahead of time, but even after the lip biting and spit swapping that I admit isn’t the most attractive thing to watch (and no we don’t do that) the point of this post after all is to show that the Old Man looks just like this guy..Not that there’s a point in proving that either. That, and I maybe just realized I should finally call the cable company... Actually, maybe you should just not hit play and look at the picture for what it's worth, then take my word for the rest.

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Anonymous said...

LoL! I watched this at work and my co-worker probably thinks I'm a perv. I'm staring at the screen despartely trying to find the resemblance to Hancock, then I realize that it does look like him and then I get weired out because (1) I'm watching him make out, and (2) watching him kiss a girl who isn't Mrs. Hancock! At the same time I reverted back to the Bethesda days, and I wanted to yell "NOT AROUND THE FOOD!! LoL!

Love and miss you guys!