Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

I'm back in action!! Of course, not until 7:20pm when Thursday Thirteen is almost over... Nonetheless, here are:

13 reasons why I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in a month and a half. (Yikes!!)

1. My parents were visiting for a week and a half.
2. My sister came immediately after.
3. My husband was back from rotation so we were likely on the phone every Thursday.
4. I started school and the only computing I was doing was homework.
5. I was looking for houses so the only other computing I was doing was searching
6. I was bummed for quite some time after learning my husband's homecoming date was delayed nearly three months. (only 1 now, thank God!!)
7. I was taking a shower.
8. I was reading one of the million books my husband sent me instead.
9. I was on travel for work.
10. I was down for the count with a nasty cold. (AGAIN!! Aghhh!!)
11. I went to Happy Hour.
12. I was having a 16th St. Field Day. (what my husband calls it when I let the house go for a while and have to clean it Marine style.
13. I was drinking my Jarhead Red. The best wine ever!

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Suni said...

thats a long list but we forgive you :D life happens! thanks for stopping by my blog.

amy said...

What a wonderful wonderful blog..Its beautiful, did you design in yourself? You have been busy the past 6 weeks! Welcome back!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

What a list! You've been doing a lot so we forgive you for not being here:) I think I was doing #12 today (if that means I let the house go to heck and spent all day scrubbing it spotless). I could use #13 right now. It sounds good. I'll have to get me a bottle. Welcome Back!

Brony said...

I too have been pretty busy. I can so relate to how quickly time goes by.

Hope things slow down for you.

Happy TT!

Christie said...

welcome back, sistah! happy thursday thirteen! whoooot!

Sparky Duck said...

happy hour is a good excuse though

April Decheine said...

Thank you for visiting, it is nice being a newbie and having people stop by. You are one busy lady! Keep up the good work and a very beautiful blog.. Talk to you soon..

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Well, I'm glad you got a bit of fun stuff in there too along with all the hard work :)

Cindy said...

Annamary, my brother was a Marine (although they say there's no such thing as an "ex-Marine," Gulf war vet, now a police officer training Iraqi cops in Iraq. All that to say that I have a very soft spot in my heart for Marines!

Enjoyed your TT...stop by mine when you get a moment!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Pshh-- I don't know how you manage to do any posting ever!

Thanks for dropping by my place!