Thursday, February 22, 2007

I love this girl!!!!!

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Everyone, meet Cara! Cara's boyfriend (or pretty much legal husband at this point) re-enlisted to Quantico with the Old Man. She's moving to VA with him in a few months and it just so happens she's the coolest ever!

Her boyfriend is just like the Old Man. He fishes, he hunts, he plays baseball, he's closer to 15 than 30. (hahah just kidding!) I'm so excited!

We had the best weekend! We had drinks at The Front Page, visited my new 'hood, went to the Bethesda Naval Medical Center to visit with injured Marines, and bonded blogging! :) She made a really fun blog! To visit, Click Here!!

Her boyfriend is stationed with the Old Man so be sure to keep him, Cara, and their families in your thoughts and prayers!

We're on the countdown!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sparky Duck said...

more blogs to follow, great!