Thursday, February 01, 2007

An update on the Old Man (and his Old Lady)

Whew!!, has this month been a whirlwind! The two of us have no idea where January went! The Old Man is off to his rotation already and is grateful for the change of pace. He's being consistently recognized for his efforts and working around the clock. He does have a bit of a cold though. His Marines must be thrilled to work with him right now. :) He really hasn't had any news to report lately, he just explained a little bit about when they transitioned a part of Ramadi over to Iraqi officials. I posted a news article on the side of this site called 1/6 hands over a piece of Ramadi to Iraq if you're interested.

On the homefront, there's tons of news!! We are buying a condo!!! The third time was a charm! We had our eagle eye out for Park Fairfax, a community right on the DC/VA border and have been relentlessly trying to get our contract signed. We were outbid on the first house, which was amazing by the way. Our timing was off on the second, but we got the third!! It needs some major painting, but it has so much charm and cuteness! We even have a front porch! We're gonna be homeowners!!! Yay!!! Thank's to the Old Man who was praying like heck to St. Joe, who he learned was the finder of houses, our prayers were answered. Luckily we found out right before he left for rotation so he has some great news to think about while he's gone.

Here's what the outside looks like..

But the good news doesn't stop here! :) Little Aidan started crawling!!! My sister caught it on video and posted it to her blog. Click here! to see it. My cousins organized an AMAZING Valentine's Day Bonanza with their son, Ethan, and his class that spread like wildfire to the entire first grade! (I'm working on a post about that now) And the Old Man's family got the grandkids and their classmates to send over Valentine's to the Marines too! As for me, school is wonderful! I absolutely love it so far. (Picture me kicking wildly in the air like the Licensed Joyolgist going, I love it, I love it, I loove it!!) It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to get your Master's and focus on something you love to study! It's also kinda cool that I'm going to Hhhhhopkins (the Old Man and I drag the H out like all the rich and famous who go to Hhhharvard and all of a sudden have English accents...) Good thing maturity level isn't on the admissions application! hahaha

Happy February! Keep on counting down!! We may have had an unexpected extension, but we're halfway through!!

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