Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An update on the Old Man

Last night was the first night since the Old Man went on rotation that I had to try extra hard to fall asleep without having talked to him…I think he heard me cause he called this morning!!! (They have one satellite phone that they have to share during the few times they get permission to use it.)

He sounded great! He was just as excited as I was to be talking to him! He said he is doing pretty well. They are working very hard and the living conditions aren’t the best, but they’re managing. Actually, he caught some sort of virus that he thinks is from the water, but the mosquitos were the biggest thing he complained about. He’s getting to use all the fancy schmancy equipment that he trained with before he left so he says that’s pretty cool. They’re really interacting with the Iraqi citizens and working hand in hand with the Iraqi Army. Sounded like that keeps things interesting to say the least…

The Old Man mentioned that he knows a few other guys who will be going to Quantico with him in July. He’s super excited about his re-enlistment package- as am I! (Although just to clarify, it was me who said super) To give him something to look forward to, I told him about a few condos I found in the area that are pretty nice. He’s funny though. A few months ago he was telling me that if I found a house or an apt to go ahead and get it, but now his tune has changed. He said he was thinking about how I’m happy in my ridiculously tiny apartment so he seems to think I’ll get a super expensive place that’s the size of a shoebox and and say, ...but it’s cute honey!! We were laughing about that. My official orders are, “Wait till I get home!”

He said that he is still receiving mail even though they’re technically away from their main base and he gets our moto-mail every other day. He said to say thank you to Christie & Evan and my mom and dad for their packages. He wrote a few letters to the family so keep an eye out for the mail! He misses everyone like crazy!

I just can’t believe how strong he is!! I’m so proud of him!! He doesn’t know when he can call next, but he said to tell everyone not to worry. He’s relatively safe and all his guys are doing well, keeping warm, and working hard!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the Old Man is doing well. The virus thing will go away when you stop eating the mosquitos for dessert! ha,ha It may be from the water due to the mosquitos pooping in it while they mature. Keep your Spirits up-and your head down, Son.
Older Man Hancock

mom said...

Happy to hear things are good. I'm glad he was able to call. Jordan and I love and miss you Old Man !! stay safe.. XO