Sunday, November 12, 2006

Look at this little punam!!

Look how big Huckleberry is, Old Man!! He's so cute! And he has teeth!!! He said to say he misses you! So do the rest of the Flynn's!

To everyone who doesn't know, this is Kimmy and her almost 8 month old son (hehe I'm retarded-I knew that, what can't I remember that!), Jacob. I've known this amazing lady my whole life and I love her to death! She was recently married to Jeremiah Flynn and now they have a beautiful son who the Old Man appropriately calls Huckleberry. (The Old Man is such a joker!!)

Don't you just want to squeeeeze him! :)


Christie said...

Huckleberry Flynn! I love it!!! That makes me laugh every time. And are you sure he's 6 months? Cause Poops turned 7 months this weekend and I'm pretty sure time is flying right by you, girl! Huckleberry's older! haha

Huckleberry's mom said...

Ha ha! I almost forgot about Huckleberry. I remember the first time I heard it I was rolling around the floor laughing so hard. And yes Christie is right. Jacob turned 7 mos. on the 4th. By the way, what exactly does "punam" mean? I assume it's term of endearment but I'm just curious.