Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 reasons a deployment is a blessing in disguise

1. I make all the decorating decisions in the apartment. Superficial yes, but fun!
2. I can go without shaving as long as I want...sorry that you know that now :)
3. The Old Man will have gained a TON of positive strengths- teamwork, leadership, decision making...
4. They seem to pull families together all around.
5. My leftovers last me through two more meals now.
6. The Old Man has some free time to read up and learn about a few things he wouldn't normally.
7. It forces us to work towards positive long term goals- as small as a vacation and as big as our first home!
8. We're learning how to live a lot less frivolously and more independently.
9. We know first hand not to take our relationship and others for granted.
10. You'd be surprised how much more open and honest letter writing can make a marriage.
11. I can start JHU (wooo hooo!) in the Spring on a positive note, while having adjusted to my husband being away.
12. I have the time to focus on my career and volunteer for new projects and the Old Man has time to think about and decide his future plans.
13. We'll have a chance to get those 'butterflies' all over again when he gets home!!

For more information on deployments, military life, and little inspirational pick me ups,visit God bless our men and women overseas and their families who support them back home!

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Christie said...

that's so true about letter writing. evan was never big on snail mail letters, but his emails could get pretty romantic and sweet. does that count? xo

East of Oregon said...

great blog!

Amanda said...

I imagine it must be a difficult time, so it's wonderful that you are able to see the hidden blessings. You sound very grounded.
Thanks for stopping by =)

Dane Bramage said...

Great list and thanks for stopping by my T13!

Aimee said...

Annamary my gurl!!! Your list sincerely rocks and that's straight from a (former)military wife. A to the Men on #10 -- the huz and I dated entirely through letters and spent the year before our wedding apart thanks to the Navy, but we are here almost 10 years strong and I put a lot of credit into those letters. You just can't be fake in a letter - you'll run out of things to write about and eventually the truth will come out. I have to say that the time apart was easier before the kids, but I really think they are better and more empathetic little critters for having had the experience of a deployed dad. And even though he's in civ life now, I think once you are a military spouse, a part of you is always a military spouse.
Thank you (and your guy!) for everything.
Happy TT - thanks for visiting me.

Melissa said...

These are definitely some positive ways to look at the situation! And I'm jealous of all the butterflies you and your husband will have when he gets home! :)

Becky said...

How absolutely wonderful that you can find the positive in your husbands deployment. I posted my first 13 today!

Smurf said...

The letter writing... yes... I hear that. Great post! Happy TT!

Janet said...

What an awesome, positive outlook you have! I was married to an airman, so I know about deployments...altho he wasn't gone too much!

Thanks for visiting me :-)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

That's a wonderful 13. It can't be easy to find positives in a deployment, but you surely did it. Happy TT (now Friday) and thanks for visiting:)

Sparky Duck said...

Oh and the butterflies feel so good dont they?

The "Mind" said...

This is a good TT.

It's been 16 years, but I remember deployments. I had both positive and negative experiences, but the negative was more due to who I was married to at the time, not the experience of deployment itself. It definitely depends on how you look at it and your attitude going in.

I, too, managed to find the good in it. It's an adjustment, but as a military family, you know it is possible and you deal. Make the best of it. I found my inner strength going through deployments.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

GuusjeM said...

You have a great attitude - your husband is one lucky guy!

Leanne said...

You're absolutely right- as much as it's a hard time filled with worry and sometimes fear - it is an insanely valuable learning and growing experience. Your marriage will be strengthened by it!

Happy decorating! ;)

Norma said...

Terrific. Don't think I've heard these before--at least not positive.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Karen said...

Thanks for serving our Nation - YOU and your hubby! (former Marine wife, here)

Domestic Goddess said...

Great attitude to have!
Thanks for stopping by.