Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Old Man's swearing in ceremony

I was talking to another wife in the family chat room and her husband accepted the same package. We were laughing because if you read one of my previous posts, they just had their birthday celebration so moral of the story? You give a bunch of Marines some cake, some beer and a contract and a few hours later they think it's the best idea ever! hahaha JUST KIDDING! Apparently the Old Man and I, and the wife online are not alone... You can read the article, Record setting pace for re-enlistment .

It amazes me that many of these Marines who are re-enlisting are serving in Iraq right now. They are the only ones who see first hand, the progress (or lack thereof) overseas. It would be difficult for me to make such a huge commitment if I didn't believe in the Corps, its mission...

Just saying..

More importantly, I spoke to the Old Man for the last time prior to his rotation and he said he video taped his swearing in ceremony. He said it was great. All of his higher ups were there and most of his fellow Marines. The officer who swore the Old Man in knew him very well. He was able to make the ceremony personal. He commented on how the Corps decided to challenge the Old Man and take him out of the H&S shop and put him in Guard Force and how he was able to do so well that he was promoted almost immediately. He also spoke a little about the Old Man's character and shared with the Old Man's fellow Marines how he wants to make sure he will be able to provide for his new wife and family! Can't wait to see the video!

We'll miss you Old Man. Be smart and stay safe!!!

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