Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen funny things we did when we were just young chaps
This is inspired by our rehearsal dinner that really wound up being one big roast of the Old Man and I!

1. When the Old Man's younger brother Jordan was born, the Old Man was insanely jealous. So the little guy's response was to stop speaking to anyone and bark like a dog...for an entire week!

2. My sister Christie once rolled up her white socks to look like donuts and put them on a plate then convinced me to take a bite... (She was a lot older than I was..)

3. Christie also made me eat mudpies. (In her defense, I was outside playing in the yard with her so I'm not entirely sure why I did that..)

4. In elementary school, the Old Man wrote a story titled, The Bear with the Human Face, written and illustrated by Old Man Hancock. There were no pictures!

5. We asked his Aunt Carolyn to do the first reading at our wedding. It was the bible verse about how God created man and brought him together with woman. The verse says, "...he created all the birds, all the animals, and the Bear with the Human Face.." OK, not really that last part, but it fit perfectly when AC suggested that we personalize the reading.

6. I used to love singing commercial jingles, unaware of what they meant. My jingle of choice was, Summer's Eve, brings back freshness every tiiime!

7. He bought a crappy, old Subaru to get him around the city when he was stationed here and it eventually broke down beyond repair. Not sure of what to do about it, it sat in the parking spot for days. He walked by it one day as the tow truck was taking it and he goes, ummm....can I just take my license plate off? thanks...

8. My family used to ask me to make meatballs all the time. They loved my recipe and they were easy for a little kid to make- just mash a crap load of stuff together and roll it in a ball, right? Well I got bored with my recipe after the 40th time so I looked through the spice cabinet to add something new and picked the spice that had the coolest name. Cinnamon. I figured out what it was after my first bite. :)

9. The Old Man's parents have a video of him where they were asking him on camera what he got for Christmas. I haven't seen this one yet, but his dad says you can see the Old Man looking at something out of the corner of his eye every few seconds. Then all of a sudden the Old Man runs in the other room to beat up his brother that he heard playing with his toys!

10. The Old Man may toss me around for this one but apparently there is quite the silly picture circulating amongst his friends. He's wearing his dress cover, a shower cap, a thong and socks pulled up to his knees as he's singing into the camera. Yikes.

11. I used to be obsessed with the shows Shop 'till you Drop and Supermarket Sweep. I was 7...

12. I also used to be infatuated with getting samples even though I usually had no idea what they were. I ordered a crap load of Rogaine samples just because they were free! I was also 7...

13. In North Carolina, he wanted me to try his first crack at making me my favorite kind of martini and I wanted him to let me finish making him a nice dinner. I was cooking as he was standing behind the counter begging me to try the martini. Then we were both getting mad because he wasn't letting me cook and I wasn't trying his martini. We wound up arguing over it then when we realized we were bickering over trying to make each other happy we couldn't help but laugh at each other's I miss that guy!

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Christie said...

you're too funny! rogaine with monoxodil, i remember the commercial!!! and i love the last one. that's really cute. we miss him too! xo

Sparky said...

sometimes, we are the most embarassing when we are young enough not to remember it, thank gawd