Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen little things to take full advantage of with your best friend

I apologize ahead of time if these are, in any way, not manly enough for a Marine to admit to doing... :) I'm a little sentimental since the Old Man is going on a rotation for a few weeks..

1. Watching TV together. I miss coming home from work when the Old Man would make dinner and after we ate, we'd curl up on the couch for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

2. Inside jokes. The Old Man and I just realized how often we take millions of pictures of each other during one sitting. It's hilarious when he get's camera crazy. I'll have enough random pictures to make a flip book, but I always get stuck when I actually want to take a quick picture and my memory card is full.

3. Doing things outdoors. We try to get out and stretch our legs often, especially since we live in the city. I love when we buy a bunch of food to eat or grill and he takes me to Great Falls or the local parks.

4. Taking weekend get-a-ways. We've taken quite a few weekend trips but the ones we’ve really loved were when we stayed at bed and breakfasts. They were so relaxing and romantic that we always talk about finding more.

5. Fishing. Yes, the Old Man is HUGE on this one but I love it too! It's fun trying to catch more or bigger fish (I always do!) and it's so nice to spend time together. Seeing the Hancock Shuffle every time I mention that we should go fishing is the best!

6. Playing sports together. When I lived in Bethesda, I had a tennis court at the end of my block. We'd play all the time. Or I mean, we'd go and I'd be running around chasing the all balls that he wacked onto the baseball field! What I really love is how he thinks he's good at every sport but I can beat him at just about anything! At least, I think I can...

7. Playing games together. The last time my parents came to visit DC we played Monopoly together and the whole game was hysterical. The Old Man got the three of us wasted on his famous margaritas. As my mom drank drinks that were entirely too salty and beat the pants off of us, the Old Man and I laughed the whole time and played till 1 AM. My dad gave up half way through and passed out on the couch watching Tommyboy. Makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

8. Having good conversations. OK, maybe his one is more girly, but I love how we always have the best conversations. Especially every time we go to coffee shops or bookstores. Besides, I love the fact that it reminds me of how on our first date we didn't want to end it, but we had nowhere else to go so we sat in a Starbucks for literally hours talking until we were blue in the face.

9. Making dinner together. I got lucky with the Old Man. He loves to cook. But I love to help him cook. I'm not sure why- I think it's just doing something that has a guaranteed awesome outcome!

10. Drinking at home. Maybe not every night, but we always have tons of fun getting bottles of wine and watching SNL Best Of... movies.

11. Having friends over the house. This one speaks for itself. Guaranteed good times!

12. Doing seasonal stuff. My roommate and I would go sledding on DC's infamous hill all the time and after we took the Old Man there the first time he was addicted too. His mouth just about hit the floor when he saw how high the hill was, but we had so much fun clothes lining each other cause we had no other way to stop from flying across the road!

13. Visiting our families. We both looove visiting home. It gives us a little energy and it reminds us of how much we can’t wait to have our own family someday!

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aka-mom said...

This is one of those love/hate lifestyles. My Navy man finally gets to live with us in our new house TOMORROW! Woo-HOO!!! It's been 3 months since we moved and I am SO looking fwd to having him here EVERY night. Well until he goes out again. There is that darn love/hate thing again.

Love your list
*refusing to admit to the tears it caused*

Alyssa Goodnight said...

You must have a GREAT best friend. ;)

I love to watch Seinfeld reruns with my husband (a.k.a. best friend) too. I've yet to go fishing though. I miss some of the outdoor stuff we used to do. We need to do more, but time just gets away from us.

Happy TT!

amy said...

What a happy TT!.I need to call or email my friend right now. I really miss her!

Jennifer said...

Really nice TT. You and your man sound very happy together.
really cute about all the pictures you guys take.

jenny in Ca

Caylynn said...

Great list. :) I hope the time passes quickly while he's on rotation.

My husband and I enjoy doing things outdoors and taking weekend trips as well.

Happy T13. :)

Tink said...

In a minute I'm going to shop with my best friend. We share a lot of the things on your list!
My TT is about TV-series.

MommyBa said...

This is a heartwarming entry!

I have 2 best friends, 1 guy and 1 girl and I miss them both! Your entry made me miss them all the more but they're the "bestest" people I've ever known!

Happy Thursday!

Christie said...

awwwww i love your list! how funny with the salty margaritas. i can't wait to see the hancock shuffle, i don't know if i've ever seen it! xo

Jaime said...

My husband and I love to watch Seinfeld reruns. Such a fun list!

Happy TT.

old man said...

i love you honey i really miss those times! but never fear scoot your butt over on the couch i'll be home soon! love you

JAM said...

Good stuff here. We've had so many health issues the past three or four years that, reading this, I realize just how much Lovely Wife and I have stopped doing things we used to.

Carmen said...

you are so blessed to have such a great best friend to share these things with.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

What a wonderful list. He sounds like a special husband and friend. Hope it's not too long until you can enjoy all of those things again.

Domestic Goddess said...

Friends are truly a God-send! Nice list.

Karla said...

I love having my husband as my best friend! We have so many of the same quirky things -- so he gets me!


Ally Bean said...

Great list. #2 and #9 ring true with me.

[My eight space word verification has three u's in it and two x's. Am I crazy but are these things spawning more and more letters? Soon we'll be typing the Gettysburg Address before we can comment. But I digress...]

Tanya said...

Weekends away are the best, aren't they? Hope he's back to you soon.

Happy Thursday.

Sparky said...

Im with you with everything but the fishing, i dont like fishing. So I will say, its pretty manly.

Though it would be even better with a mention of "bow chica bow bow" :)

Thanks for stopping by

ribbiticus said...

i bet your best friend will say ditto to this list! my tt's up! ;)

Nathalie said...

very cute TT :)
Thanks for visiting mine!

Sweet Kitty said...

That's what friends are for!!!
Please visit my list! It's my first one..

Greetings from Germany,

Kukka-Maria said...

I've done some of these with my best friend. I'll have to try the others!

Great list! Thanks for stopping by my place.