Sunday, November 19, 2006

A letter to the families from the H&S Commanding Officer

To the friends and family of H&S Company,

All is going well as times roll on here in Iraq. We have all become accustomed to the semblance of a routine and we are making calls and writing messages home when we can. I am happy to report that mail runs are now augmented by several trucks due to all the care packages you are sending. Halloween, minus the costumes, was very much alive at our Battalion Base. Marines had so much candy; they were actually giving it away. In some cases candy was shared with the children of our city. Your support is so greatly appreciated! Whether the items you send are used for tactical reasons (the kids), comfort food, or just a reminder of home they are making a difference and keeping us motivated.

On November 10, we celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday. Every Marine took part in a cake cutting ceremony, regardless of where they were in the battalion area of operation. The first piece of cake was given to the oldest Marine present symbolizing the honor and respect accorded to experience and seniority. The oldest marine present at the H&S ceremony was Master Gunnery Sergeant Hernandez, who was born on 10 may 1958 (that’s 48 years young, for those who are doing the math). Symbolically, the eldest Marine present passed a piece of cake to the youngest Marine present, just as for 231 years our marines have nurtured and led young marines that will fill our ranks and renew our corps. The youngest Marine present was Lance Corporal Alejandro Ahumadapuente, who was born on 13 December 1987 (that’s 18 years old, for those of you who are wondering how he could possibly be old enough for the military). Overall, it was a great time. We were all able to reflect on the mission, the sacrifices we have made, and how we have now all taken our place as part of Marine Corps history. Oh, and we also had a few beers. Only two per Marine (at least we were only supposed to have two per Marine), but it was enough to enjoy ourselves and relax for just a little bit. I’m sure none of us will ever forget how we celebrated the 231st birthday of the Marine Corps.

The below listed Marines were promoted to their present rank on the 1st of November. If your Marine has not informed you of the recent promotion, be sure to congratulate them.

GySgt Thomas J. Saeger
Sgt Timothy A. Braudrick
Sgt Michael A. Mortimer
Cpl Joseph A. Bovia
Cpl Matthew J. Hall (Combat Meritorious)
Cpl Old Man Hancock
Cpl Timothy C. Hillard
Cpl Paul H. Hutchinson
Cpl Richard L. Little II
Cpl Gary L. Miles Jr.
Cpl Jason W. Parker
LCpl Kyle J. Anderson
LCpl Lee A. Bedford
LCpl Brandon J. Fogg
LCpl James A. McQueen
LCpl Christopher J. Mello
LCpl Joshua D. Wycka

We continue to work hard and look forward to coming home. We are making a difference and our city is changing because of our hard work. I am very proud of your Marines and extremely thankful for the support you have given us. We’ll be home soon. God bless and take care.


Captain Dynan

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