Friday, November 03, 2006

An update on the Old Man

I talked to the Old Man quite a bit this week. He called me early this morning and sounded really good. He was laughing at the picture he sent of the cat (see below) and really sounded like he was in good spirits. He mentioned that he is about to go on a rotation for four weeks and will be unable to call or write during that time, but he will be able to receive mail and packages. Of course, he couldn't say much more than that. The time that he'll be gone goes into Thanksgiving so that's the debbie downer news of the day..

The Old Man told me a little about his promotion and the ceremony. He said there were only three Marines who got pinned this month and all the higher ups were there. He sent some great pictures! (again, see below!) Now that the Old Man is a Corporal, there are a few new responsibilities, a pay raise and a better position in the things that he already does. Of course, he followed that all up with, "'s no big deal..."

He said to send his love to everyone and that he misses us all!

Two months down already!!!!! Keep your spirits up Old Man and stay safe!! We love you!!!


mominprogress said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Sorry about him beign away wiht no contact for so many weeks. Thanks for stopping by. I'll definately be checking in on you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Old Man Hancock, Take care of yourself for us while your away. Looks like wifey is pretty busy digging up stuff to post on the blog for you. Maybe we'll just have to help her if I can get my hands on some interesting video. Love Ya,
Older Man Hancock