Friday, November 03, 2006

The 'post cat'

The Old Man tells me about this cat all the time. He comes around the post often so they call it the Post Cat. He sent this picture that he thinks is hilarious so I thought I'd share. The Old Man said it resembles Sophie (our cat), but its face looks just like Stanley, if Stanley were a cat... Stanley is my parents tiny, but overweight Chihuahua who turns evil if he's sitting peacefully on your lap and someone near you points at him and yells, "Oww Stanley Oww!" Not that we would possibly antagonize him like that... He is also infamous for making 6'4" grown men shake in their (combat) boots... I caught someone completely pale in the face and at a standstill trying to come out of the bathroom because Stanley cornered him and was barking wildly, but I'm not gonna name names... I wonder if this cat has the same effect when it makes this crazy face...

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