Sunday, November 12, 2006

An update on the Old Man

The Old Man called. He sounded really good. They had a birthday celebration for the Corps and brought in food, cake and beer (See below-he called immediately after for literally only a minute and we were laughing on the phone the whole time. The idea that he had the dialies from Iraq was hilarious! :). Needless to say he had a good time. He's been on a fairly steady work schedule and has been able to find a little time to relax and sleep every now and then.

The Old Man has been reading a lot about starting his own EBay business. He bought a few books on Amazon and loves the idea. He's a big fan of being his own boss and making his own hours. He's trying to figure out what to sell but he's convinced that he may have found his calling.

His rotation is delayed one more time. They will be leaving on Tuesday (14th) and will be gone for 4 weeks. He is still excited to have the change of scenery. I was able to give him a few updates on his family and friends and he said he really misses everyone. Oh, and he said to say happy birthday to Steven... Actually he said, "What? How old? No....already? Jesus, he's an old gezeer!" hahahha (Not that you're old Steven, just older than Mr. I'm Of Age Now :)

Other than that, there is no new news to report. He's doing pretty well and working very hard. Oh, he did ask for some Cup O' Noodles (low sodium if possible cause he's watching his girly figure), instant coffee and single serve powder mixes to add to bottles of water (like Crystal Light singles or Kool Aid singles).

2 and a half months down!!

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