Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen things my husband gained from the Corps

1. He can't stand in lines
2. He CAN stay in one place for more than two hours (from his Parade Boy days!)
3. He picked up saying things when we're having serious relationship talks like, 'in due time', 'at the present moment' and 'say again'
4. He has an incredible ability to eat a cheeseburger in two bites when challenged (although I think he may have always had the ability, now he just doesn't have the time)
5. He can do a mean twirl with his rifle
6. He gained a liking for PBR beer - the backwoods, $4.00/6 pack kind of beer that he claims is good cause it won 1 award in like 1897
7. His chest gets all big when we're in a bar if there's a loud noise or someone bumps into him (a habit he gained from the days he had that second job at the dance club)
8. He thinks it's hysterical to run around in underwear, an undershirt, and whichever cover he has 'at the present moment'...
9. He has to arrive at an airport no less than three hours early...even if the airport isn't quite open yet
10. He felt it was necessary to create a super, mega awesome football player on Madden that he named Hancock and gave him gray hair during one of his many workless days at the Barracks
11. He has no mercy when showing me new defense moves-even though I have wood floors (yes this made it in two lists. I'm a bit bitter..)
12. He can say that he's been a part of amazing things like Reagan's funeral, the Inaguration, the opening of the WWII Memorial, and so many other events
13. Most importantly, he rightfully earned respect, honor, friendships, and pride of his family, friends and peers
This one gets a bonus for the week...
14. me! :) nah, just kidding. But, it was the Corps who brought the Old Man to DC!
Ok, this one gets another bonus for the week...
15. I almost forgot!!! (I thought of this after and HAD to repost!)
THE HANCOCK SHUFFLE!! It's hilarious! He does this shuffle thing with his hands everytime he gets super excited and it's just the funniest thing EVER! It's so great that we even named it! :)

Amy's Husband

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amy said...

I love reading your posts and learning about military life..I love your attitude

if you have time say hi to my hubby.hes new to the TT world

MysteriousLady said...

Sounds like you got yourself a good one!

Happy TT!

Christie said...

yours is the thursday fab 15! haha.
how funny! i can just picture his chest getting all puffed up like a big bird when he hears a loud noise. very funny!!!

mom said...

I can certainly vouch for #4 !!! A footlong Subway Sub is about six bites! ( If you ever saw the movie Cone Heads, you know what I'm talking about.) Too funny!!!!!

Karla said...

I was an Army brat so I can relate to a lot of this!

You can take the man out of the military but good luck taking the military out of the man!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Jenny-up the hill said...

Great list! I like the puffed up chest and the arriving at the airport 3 hours early even if the airport's not open! lol!! Thanks for sharing!

JAM said...

Wonderful list. All of our service men and women (and their families) have my udying gratitude. Regarding the Handcock Shuffle, is it kinda like the Hand Jive from Grease?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Great list. I love your TT banner too!

Thanks for stopping by my site

*Skittles* said...

That is a great TT!! Thanks for visiting my TT today.

JO said...

hi. thanks for visiting my blog.

Brony said...

Great list.
You are very positive about everything, I think that's wonderful.

Happy TT!

janice said...

I am so in awe of people in the military - i am SUCH a wimp! I could NEVER do it!

Sounds like a wonderful man! :)

so nice to meet you - this is my first time here I think.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

It's very interesting for me to read about military life b/c I've never really known any military people very well. (I'm from Canada.)

Carmen said...

and thank you, the Old Man, for what you do! good list

Annie said...

Very amusing! Great TT!!!

And thank you for stopping by mine!