Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Go team Marines!

The families near Lejeune were doing a donation drive to make sure that every Marine in 1/6 gets something for the holidays. They called it, "Operation 1/6 Holiday." Turns out that an officer's wife donated everything to fill all 1200 stockings, which is awesome, but I decided to do the drive here at work anyway and see what kind of turn out I get. To make a long story short, I've gotten an overwhelming response and received a very touching phone call today from an employee downtown that I wanted to share...

He was explaining how wonderful the donation drive is and how much he supports the Marines overseas. He told me about how much he admires everyone who signed up to serve for our country and how he follows what's going on in the news and prays for them often..

I asked him if he was ever in the service, assuming that he was from how highly he was speaking of the military and he said:

"No. It's like the military is my 'team'. I have no favorite sports teams and I don't keep track of stats. I follow what's going on with the war, because my team is our military servicemembers. It's because of them that we even have the privilage of saying what we want to and choosing sides on our own and that's the greatest team there is!"

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