Sunday, October 29, 2006

The five blessings

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A wonderful way to pray for a Marine is by the “five blessings”. Think of the word BLESS and it will help you cover his or her life with prayer.

The B stands for BODY. For example, you might pray for physical protection, safety and health.

The L stands for LABOR, pray for them to do their job well, with skill and wisdom.

The E stands for EMOTIONAL, pray for their emotional health.

The S stands for SOCIAL, pray for their marriage, the parent-child relationship (deployments are hard on marriages & with parents away for months; the children can feel distant or abandoned) Pray for God to fill the gaps of the love needed with His love while the husband or parent is away.

And the last S stands for SPIRITUAL, pray for them to know God, put their trust in God and experience His unfailing love for them even in the great difficulties they face in a war zone. Pray for spiritual renewal for our troops, for peace in Iraq and Afghanistan and for all of the men and women in the service to come home safely to their families.

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