Thursday, October 05, 2006

Angels Around Your Bed

Bob Bennett is a strong supporter of our troops overseas. He has written several award winning songs about his son who was stationed in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Please visit his website: Bob Bennett

I recorded and sent this one over to the Old's perfect. I'm sure we all can relate!

Oh, tonight I'm so far away from you
How I wish I could suddenly be there
To tell you "I love you"
Like a hundred times before
To hold you and to stroke your hair
But I'm in another time zone altogether
Where sleep is not easily found
And a split-second prayer escapes into the air
And I pray as you lay your body down...
There'll be angels around your bed, little darlin'
Angels around your bed
You'll be safe from harm at the dying of the day
With angels around your bed

Oh, absence makes my heart grow fonder
When you're out of sight, I'm out of my mind
If you could see everything around you, I wonder
Would you be surprised to find...
There are angels around your bed, little darlin'?
Angels around your bed
Laughing and singing, joyful as you're sleeping
Angels around your bed
Angels around your bed, little darlin'
Angels around your bed

Surely the Lord can spare a few extra
Angels around your bed

Stay safe sweetie!! We're so proud of you and we're praying for you everyday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks so much for sharing ANGELS with your husband! I'm happy to report that my son (Cpl Paul Bennett, USMC) returned safely from Iraq in 2003 and just completed a six-month deployment to Djibouti. May God keep your husband safe until his return and keep you and your family while he is away. Sincerely, Bob Bennett.