Thursday, October 26, 2006

Progress in Iraq...

Iraqi Army assumes responsibility of Northern Ramadi

RELEASE No. 20061024-02
Oct. 24, 2006

RAMADI, Iraq – The Iraqi Army assumed responsibility of an area in northern Ramadi today. The 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade of the 7th Iraqi Army Division, commanded by Colonel Kareem, officially assumed battle space at 11 a.m. today at a ceremony on forward operating base Blue Diamond.

“We will serve with honor,” Colonel Kareem reminded his Soldiers. “We have been given the great responsibility of being in charge of this area.”

Task Force 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment has been partnered with 3-1-7 IA for the past five months and has witnessed the unit’s development. “This is a big step,” said Lt.Col. Daniel Walrath, Commander Task Force 1-6, “[They] are increasing their battle space by three fold [and] will develop concepts and plans of operation for northern Ramadi.”

Task Force 1-6 will continue to provide the Iraqi battalion support, but are confident about their progress. Colonel Kareem reinforced to the Iraqi Soldiers that they will continue to learn from their Coalition partners and make Ramadi a safer place.

The battalion recently proved their capabilities during a validation operation which resulted in the capture of four anti-Iraqi forces. The occasion marks the second battalion in two weeks Ramadi to assume battlespace and is an important step in the continuing development of the Iraqi Army and represents the future security of Iraq.

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