Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen positive contributions the 1st Battalion 6 Marines have made in Iraq
This list came straight from the Lt. Col. himself (you can see his letter in a previous post) and directly from the boots on the ground. Although it has been a tumultuous journey, there has been great progress in Iraq. Here are a few examples of positive contributions 1/6 has made over the past 4 months. Their successes in these and other areas continue everyday. Too bad these positive stories are not on the 5'oclock news...

1. 1/6 Marines improved national security. Four new security stations have been opened in the city, including one Iraqi Police station 100% manned and operated by local cops who are motivated and enthusiastic.

2. 1/6 Marines provided hospitalization and first aid services to the Iraqi citizens despite the cause of injury.

3. 1/6 Marines assisted in opening schools that have been closed for years so the children can attend class.

4. 1/6 Marines initiated construction and emergency response projects. Over $250k in new projects are now working in the city.

5. 1/6 Marines detained countless numbers of known terrorists and Iraqi’s on the national threat list.

6. 1/6 Marines provided humanitarian assistance. They delivered 6,000 pounds of food to a local mosque when it was found the residents of the area were in need.

7. 1/6 Marines and local workers have worked to clean up the cities. Previously destroyed vehicle hulks strewn about the city are now being removed and the streets are being cleared from debris.

8. 1/6 Marines shared toys, school supplies, and candy everyday to boost the morale of the Iraqi children.

9. 1/6 Marines built strong political relationships. They have noticeably gained the trust and confidence from key tribal and civilian leaders regarding their Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

10. 1/6 Marines delivered tons of medical supplies to the Ramadi General Hospital and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital through the combined efforts with the ISF.

11. 1/6 Marines distributed heaters and warm clothes to locals who had no source of heat for the winter.

12. 1/6 Marines trained ISF forces. They have formed a solid partnership with the ISF and are incrementally transitioning over responsibilities to them.

13. Last, but certainly not least, 1/6 Marines and the ISF have made the citizens feel secure enough to express national pride. Iraqi flags now fly down the main roads throughout the nation.

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kooky kay said...

Wonderful list! Seems to me that they've done a lot to help!

I'm up!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Awesome list! I just wish the idiots over there would remove their heads from their you-know-whats and realize the good that's happening!

Happy TT. Hope he comes home safe.

sobeit said...

Funny how we don't hear about this list of things on the news!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Happy TT!!

Raggedy said...

What a great list!
Thank You!
Mine is up 2
Happy Thursday!

Rashenbo said...

What a great list. Thank you for sharing this uplifting list of wonderful things that have been done to better the lives of others...

Thank you! :)

Janet said...

It's good to hear there's been progress from someone who's actually there. Great list!

scribbit said...

What a thoughtful post. Makes me proud and grateful.

Missy said...

You have my vote for overall best TT list this week! Thanks for showing a positive side to what's happening over there.

Cheryl said...

God bless the Marines! Thanks for the list. :)

Christie said...

such a wonderful list i love it! i'm so glad you did this one, people need to know that there is good going on over there! love you! love my brother-in-law! xo

Sparky Duck said...

Its great that they are able to make some sort of difference

Barbara H. said...

I wish these kinds of accomplishments would be covered by the media. Maybe you could send a letter to the editor. :)

Great work!

Chickadee said...

Go Marines! I'm glad your husband is telling you what he's doing and he is making a difference. I'll bet those kids loved receving the food and toys.

My 13 are up.

Barbara said...

God bless the Marines and all the other military. They all need our prayers and support.