Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hey get me, over here, my turn!

I've been tagged and I finally understand what it means! Captain Poopy called me out to tell you 5 things you may not know about me.

1. I went through a vegetarian phase once. For a whole year and a half! I had no real reason or purpose, it just felt right at the time. Although, I did eat ham. I was especially a fan of the cubed ham that you find on buffets. I've since added meat and poultry to my diet. And I still eat cubed ham. In fact, I think I could live on cubed ham.

2. I can NEVER guess the ending of a movie when I'm watching it in a movie theater. I feel like sometimes I get my blonde thinking cap on cause when I'm at the movies, there's not much going on up there! I like to think I'm one with the movie. I get so consumed with what's going on right at the exact point that I'm seeing that I don't think I'm capable of thinking farther ahead. The last accurate guess on record was some Lifetime movie about a woman leaving her rich, abusive husband after falling in love with a hot 30 something construction worker, but who wouldn't have seen that coming? I secretly marvel at my sister and Gena who have the ending in the first two minutes!

3. I once accidentally knocked down an entire table of cakes stacked 3 high and 10 long at Kash 'N Karry. Then panicked and ran out laughing so hard I almost piddled. Then blamed it on my friend. Sorry Amanda.

4. I have huge secret crushes on Nicolas Cage and Vin Diesel. One isn't the most physically attractive actor and the other isn't the most gifted actor, but I just love, love, love them!

5. I was 'let go' once- from a bank. Ironic, right? (I work at the Treasury Dept now) It was one of the best jobs I ever had too. I was 16 and made 15 bucks an hour! Thank God I was about to leave soon to move to DC, so my boss never recorded it as such. And I was never told if I was scammed or just was terribly off with my math skills. On the record, I left one week early due to a relocation..


Sparky Duck said...

oh does this mean I have to do another 5 things??

Treasury?? I was let go from a bank, get me a job with u

Christie said...

hahaha! LOVE IT! i actually didn't know that one about nick cage and vin diesel! i remember being so in love with vin diesel i had him on my screen saver and then evan came to new york to visit me, the next thing i knew, my screen saver was daisies! hahahahaha anyway, love the ham pic.