Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So much news, so little time!!

January has been packed full of news and going's on's! I promise I'll write more when I have the time, but here's the month in review or what I like to call, "AMH's Best Month Ever!"

The Old Man was Baptised, received Holy Communion, and was Confirmed Catholic!

My parents and sister made a two and a half week long visit that we're all happily drained from all the excitement, but what we call in our family energized after spending time with each other.

The Old Man is back from rotation, doing really well, and rested up to go again soon.

I'm starting Hopkins Wednesday then traveling to NYC for work on Thurs and Fri and we all know business trips are an really just an extended meeting due to the necessity of happy hour or I mean team building.

The Old Man and I put a bid on a condo in Alexandria tonight that we found on Sunday. (we find out if we get it no later than Wed so pray for us!)

It finally snowed this winter and it was gorgeous!

The president of Jarhead Red sent me three replacement bottles after hearing about my traveling fiasco!!!! (read more about that below)

The Old Man sent me the most thoughtful gifts over the past few weeks like flowers (our 6 month wedding anniversary), an awesome book, and the cutest thing ever- he went online grocery shopping for me and had them delivered to my door!

And the best news of it all, the Old Man's deployment is only postponed one month instead of three!!!! Weeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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