Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A letter to the 1/6 family and friends from the Chaplain

Dear families, former members, and friends of 1/6,

Let me begin by saying thank you all for the wonderful Christmas you provided us with. Amazing how we can be so far away and yet you still touched us with your care. Of special mention are the 1200 stockings that on Christmas Eve made their way onto concrete walls awaiting each young Marine to awake and take it to their bunk. If just for a brief moment you brought us back home to our living rooms where we would normally meet around tree as family and friends.

On another note we are past the half way mark, and after living for forty years now, I know 3 months is chump change in the whole scheme of things, and soon we will be home annoying you. However with that being said, while saying a little prayer asking God to make time go by quickly, the little voice inside of me said, “You complained for years to come do what you are doing, now you want to go home”. Well God is right, and here is where we are called, so let us together embrace our callings these next three months. I suspect this will serve our hearts well, as they fill with pride as we talk of all we did when we get home.

Please continue to draw near to those who have lost loved ones this deployment. Help them in your own special way to remind them they are not alone.

Please know we love and miss you all very much, continue to send those prayers high, we do see the result of them out here daily.

Chaplain Jamie

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