Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An update on the Old Man

Yay!!! The Old Man called! It's about time! It was great to hear from him. Even better was when I got home. I got a letter from him with tons of fun pictures!!!

He sounded really homesick. I'm pretty sure that we were both low on energy because it's been so long since we've last talked. Even longer for him to have talked to anyone in the states. We were both sappy fools...not that he would ever admit to that. I think by now he got everyone's Christmas packages. (thank you!!!)

He said that he's been working hard, of course, and the challenges continue. His Marines are doing well and getting along. The place they are staying is one of the main casualty assistance centers for the Iraqi citizens. The Old Man has been providing a lot of first aid services to the Iraqi's and told me a cute story. A young boy came in the other day screaming his head off from a third degree burn he had received. He was able to treat his burn then played with him for a little bit to calm him down. He sent the boy on his way with candy and coloring books and the little guy was so grateful. They've been interacting a lot with the children lately. The Marines are allowed to pass out things like candy, toys, and school supplies which is great for the kids and the Marines. It's humbling and gives all the big, bad Marines warm and fuzzies. (Not that they'd admit that either, but that's what he was getting at...)

He said he misses everyone a lot and is super excited to come home. He's counting down the days already! I gave him the updates on everyone and we talked a little about what's going on here in DC, but like I said, we said more 'I love you's' than telling each other any important news! I'm such a wuss...I couldn't help but burst into tears when the phone rang so we were laughing about that. :)

Here are a few more pictures!! (You can double click on them to make them bigger.) I love pictures!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

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Anonymous said...

O.K. So, what is it that you have in your mouth? A sand cookie, or what? Keep the great attitude Son.
Older Man Hancock