Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

After subconsciously ignoring Christmas all season, boy was I doused with it when I went home! My sister is the Christmas spokeswoman, my parents are the merriest couple you'll ever meet, and Babyfest 2006 continued! I had a wonderful time. Even during my 'moments', my family banded together and I felt like yelling, "Wonder-twin powers activate!!!" (The first sign of tears I had all weekend, my dad immediately jumped on the computer and bought tickets for my mom and him to visit. Less than a second later, Christie bought hers too!) It'll be a Hill-O'Sullivan family vacation in DC in just a few weeks now, which ironically suits well. That weekend is our 6 month anniversary so I'll need the pick me up!

Unfortunately, the Old Man wasn't able to call while I was home. Not even on Christmas Day. I think that's what made it even more difficult. I knew he was probably pacing and miserable all day over there... He gets back from rotation shortly so he'll be able to make his rounds on the phone. I hear through the grapevine he's doing well and staying safe. Often, no news is good news...

I keep laughing as I'm writing this thinking of how chaotic it always is when I go home trying to fit everything into three days. In a fun way, of course. We had birthdays, a baking marathon, a high school reunion, Grandma's cocktail hour, Christmas Eve happy hour at the Swartz's, last minute shopping, and of course a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Day! God bless my dad...being around four loud, silly women all day makes him a candidate for sainthood! :)

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