Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O' Christmas tree...Marine style

He called one last time this morning before they had to bring the sat phone back just to tell me that he got my Christmas tree. He sounded very excited about having a tree in his own room! The funny part is, he wasn't satisfied with the lights that the little old C batteries provided...he brought in an electrician to rewire them Marine style! He said the lights are so bright they could light up the entire quarters! hahaha

Boy is he a piece of work! :)


Sparky Duck said...

I bet its like a spotlight!!

Oh and um, tee hee, um, you've been tagged by little ole me.

Anonymous said...

Hey old man, I just thought I would write and tell you to have a merry christmas, we are all thinking about you and miss you. Hope to hear from you soon. Your big Bro.