Thursday, December 21, 2006


I'm giving in- I want to rant a little bit. Lately I've been getting a lot of feedback about this blog. I'm always very grateful for every comment and email, especially those with words of encouragement and support. I now see that I have quite a lot of people reading this, which I love, so I want to say a little something about my comment about the 'whiny people' a few posts ago. And I'm sorry but yes, the people opposing the war are whiny and it's just plain annoying... We're all entitled to our opinions, yada, yada, yada- no hard feelings, because this is what I think!

I try very hard to avoid posting anything political and to stay as positive as I can because I feel that it is imperative to keep a positive attitude regardless of my political views. In fact, I know it is. Not for me, but for my husband and for his Marines that are fighting in Iraq. I see how much influence I have over him in our quick conversations. If one of us is upset, we carry it with us. That's human nature. I put my worries aside when the Old Man calls because he is the one who is sacrificing everything to rebuild and stabilize a country and it is him who needs my words of encouragement when he and his Marines lives are tough and they're faced with obstacles. And their lives are so much tougher than ours.

I'm in the political capital of the world. I walk by citizens protesting and asking me to sign their petitions to impeach our political leaders every day. You can cut the tension with a knife. I can't go anywhere without someone seeing my yellow ribbon and offering their opinion whether or not I've asked or have the time... But every time I ask someone if they have served or have a loved one who served in Iraq, struggling to get what I think can then be an honest and educated opinion, I have yet to be told, "Yes, I have and this is what I think..." That is very frightening to me.

If there's anyone who believes in our rights as citizens, it's me. I've dreamed of working for the government and for the American public. I love being in the civil service. We all have our rights to vote and our rights to free speech, which includes the right to challenge political decisions, but if you haven't done your part in becoming an educated citizen on the subject, please know who it is you may be affecting or don't say anything at all. If you are going to say anything, make sure you can make that judgment wisely.

I have to say, if you are complaining about the course that our country has been on for quite some time now, think about how each negative comment you make may be influencing others and even larger scale things like the media. Our men and women may be miles away from home, but that doesn't mean they are totally out of the loop with things on the homefront. More importantly, with every negative attitude, you may be adversely affecting someone who is fighting to give you that right to protest. Every negative thought they have is a distraction from their mission and those distractions cost lives...Attitudes about the war are very powerful things.

With that, I say God bless Mr. Oliver North, Andrew Carroll, and the many other journalists and influential political leaders who are struggling to tell the real opinions of our men and women overseas. May they continue producing positive stories that give our troops and their families hope and shed light to those who unknowingly protest. It is our stories that should be told. We need to give our heroes the reassurance that they are supported and keep their spirits up. If they believe and say we are 'winning this war', then we are winning this war.

It isn't in the American spirit to give up. For those of you who think we're losing our grip in Iraq, which means that our men and women are failing their missions, remember the obstacles America overcame before our great country was formed. And just so you know, I KNOW my husband is good at what he does. Remember who it is that can truly speak to the progress or lack thereof in Iraq and think a little again about giving up, pulling out, or losing. You don't even have to change your mind; just have a little more poise when you speak...and remember who is around you listening.


Kim said...

Gosh Anna, you couldn't be more right. You totally shouldn't feel bad at all for expressing your views. Very eloquently written by the way.

Anonymous said...

You go girl.......You are simply amazing. Very well put. How could anyone who has never walked a mile in our Soldiers boots preach negativity. We love to see and hear your writings. Keep up the GREAT work and support that you have expressed all along.
Older Man Hancock

Harry said...

Well Put and thoughtful comments.

GREAT comments on your Blog:

We support you, the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and others surviving in the interest of our country.
Must not forget Freedom is not Free for anyone, anywhere.
Thanks to all those Brave men and Woman. God Bless you all.

I believe in the saying "PROUD to be AMERICAN."

mom said...

Thank you Anna ! Your thoughts and comments are so right on !!! I admire your courage and strengh, not to mention the LOVE you've shown, not only to the Old Man, but to our entire family as well. I am so very proud of my son along with every other soldier that is putting themselves at risk to make sure we are all safe. This is the first year I wont see my son's precious face on Christmas (I know he's a grown man, but he's still my baby)and that is more difficult than I ever imagined. But I KNOW he is doing what HE BELIEVES IN !!! And that is what helps me, the Old Lady and the rest of our family thru this time. Love you....

SteveJr said...

Thank you very much Anna. I get so tired of people saying negative things about what is going on.What they dont realize is how bad things could be if we sat back and did nothing. But you know they would just complain if we did nothing. We are all very proud of the men and women that are fighting for our country, and proud of the families and spouses that support them as well.

Norma said...

God bless you and your family. We're proud of our civil servants too.

Here's my TT for Dec. 28--THE TALK.