Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen things to send the Old Man and his Marines
He never asks for much, but I know that opening anything from anyone makes him happy. No matter how big or how small. I read once that the number one worry from a deployed Marine is what's going on on the homefront so making sure they know we're thinking about them helps a million different ways! (If you want addresses or names to send things, leave a comment or go to my profile and send me an email.)

1. Computer games. Many Marines brought their laptops to use on their downtime.
2. Instant coffee. They live on this.
3. DVDs. The Old Man says he watches tons of movies and TV series to pass the time.
4. Sports equipment. Any thing like this is always a hit. I sent those velcro ball and hand mit things and apparently they were fighting over them!
5. Anything baked or homemade. The Old Man says they are getting tired of canned foods and the same old thing at the Mess hall. Cookies, brownies, breads, and Jar Cakes (I have the recipe in an October post) usually keep if you freeze them prior to mailing.
6. Single serve powder mixes to bottled waters.
7. Baby wipes. They use these when they don't have access to showers. (which is often)
8. Just add water anything. Keep an eye out for these types of foods. They're often better than the stuff they're given to eat.
9. Themed care packages. Send things that are all from one ethnic background, one activity like fishing, about one holiday, or things native to one area. Get creative!
10. Reminders of home. Send news articles, pictures, personalized CDs, etc.
11. Books. Anything on the best seller lists or in the humor sections will probably win them over.
12. Letters to say thank you!
13. Smoked sausages. Just kidding on this one. I had to write it cause I asked the Old Man what he needed, suggesting hickory farms thinking I was the first with this brilliant idea and he screamed, "NO SMOKED SAUSAGES!!" Apparently, everyone thought of this and they have smoked sausages out the wazoo. Thinking about him yelling this at me makes me laugh every time!

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bernie said...

No smoked sausages sounds like a great punchline to a faux-joke, like No Soap Radio.

I linked to you from TT 13 Ways Terrorists Can Avoid Arrest

Christie said...

hahah those velcro mitts! we used to love those! maybe we should send him a comet ball.

Sparky Duck said...

what a faboulous list, since alot of people have no idea what they should send. Give me the addresses and I know I see some of that stuff in my stores, which I am sure is better then nothing.

Sparky Duck said...

and this was the post I tagged you on not the 5 things, but woohoo 6

AnnaMary said...
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beth said...

Hmmm.... I sent smoked sausages - I guess I'd better email and see how they got there (if they got there!).

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm glad to find yours and will check back often.

beth said...

BTW - I made the header you used here - I'm glad to see it being used!

Teena said...

Nice list!

My TT13 is up :)

Barbara H. said...

What a great and creative list!

Caylynn said...

Great list! :) Those things are all definitely appreciated. I know my husband has certainly appreciated books when he's been deployed (he's an engineering officer, so often he's sent over with the first group, before they have any infrastructure, so DVDs and computer games aren't terribly useful then).

Your "Old Man" and his marines are in my thoughts and prayers, along with all the deployed personnel.

Marcia said...

Great ideas, thank you. I am sure you are well appreciated.