Saturday, December 09, 2006

A letter to the families from the Chaplain

Dear Families, former members, and friends of 1/6,

When I was getting myself ready for deployment I worried about such things as care packages and Christmas Trees. I had in my mind a plan to obtain Christmas trees for the major fobs and one for here at Hurricane Point. Well to make a long story short, this must have been important to all of you also. It seems as I make my way around, there any more Christmas trees and decorations out here than there are at the Yankee Candle factory. The men have done a great job of putting up lights, trees and other holiday decorations. Even though we are here, we know the special day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Please know for those who are of Christian faith will have an opportunity to remember and celebrate the birthday of Jesus. For those of you who have sent wrapped gifts, I can say some of the men have not gotten into their gifts and are waiting for Christmas morning. However for some, well they say thank you early.

As you think, and plan for this holiday season without your husband, I ask you to remember the reason for the season, and that is the joy of knowing we are in love. This holiday season as you might find yourself longing for your loved one, know you are needed and appreciated beyond measure. Please pray for and if you are able draw near to those who have lost loved ones this past year. Help them through this time of grieving and I think you will find a joy that will transcend the loneliness you are experiencing due to the separation from your husband.

As my wife and I communicate about time, we are astounded by how fast this time of separation is passing. I know soon we will be home, I just pray we come home with a brand new admiration for each other, eager to grow deeper in love, so that we will fulfill the whole purpose of a child born to us in a manger.

Merry Christmas.

Chaplain Jamie Stall-Ryan

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