Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

So there's this book written by Sarah Smiley called Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a military wife. It's really, really funny. She writes about all the crazy mishaps that happened to her after her husband left for a last minute 9 month deployment and I'm dedicated this week's TT to it. Because with what I've got, I can re-write it. Luckily the biggest thing we did this past year, buying the house, went as smooth as it did!

13 Mis-Adventures of Anna Mary

1. Our car was recalled. What are the chances, I swear. I'm taking it to the dealer again this weekend actually.

2. Took Sophie on an emergency Vet visit because the poor thing took two steps, got sick, took two more steps, got sick. She got kitty Parvo. She's always had a clean bill of health- it was so sad, but she's all better now.

3. I got a black eye from smacking my head on the wall rushing to pick up the Old Man's phone call. After all the sports I've played growing up, I've never got a black eye in my life! (Oh never mind. I forgot. I did at an N'Sync concert once when I was 14...don't ask. :) )

4. I got a flat tire at work. And another at home. And another in the city. And found a plug in the other. Yes, I have replaced all four tires in nine months. Luckily they were due for replacement anyway.

5. I had an all out brawl with RCN cable company that lasted months! They wouldn't disconnect our cable since it was in the Old Man's name (despite my POA) and even went as far as telling me to tell my husband to call them from Iraq to cancel service himself! It's fixed now, but boy, the nerve of those people!

6. I very proudly went to Home Depot and came back with quite an expensive selection of flowers to plant. I even gave the two Green Thumbs a call to boast about my selection. (My Aunt Carolyn and Mom can grow and craft unlike anything I've ever seen) They pooped already. Apparently my interpretation of sun exposure was a bit different than that little plant information sign stuck in the soil.

7. Went to a new hair stylist to get highlights for Christmas and she turned my hair green! I had to go to work like that and live with it for two days until she fixed it. I haven't told anyone about that one cause I was so embarrassed, but now I can laugh about it...sometimes.

8. I planned to go home for Christmas so I did the usual drive up to the usual airport that I usually take when I go to FL, BWI. Except this time, I got halfway up there during rush hour traffic, forgot I was flying back into a different airport, and had to drive all the way back home to park the car and take the metro. Yikes.

9. I picked out the house on the block with the loudest neighbors EVER! And it wasn't the music, the parties, or the conversations. It was doing you know what...I had to listen to it for a whole month straight before I had the chance to introduce myself and subtly tell them I recently moved in and I can hear right through the walls!

10. U.S. Air took my Jarhead Red! We all didn't forget that now, did we?

11. I got Strep Throat three times!!! The last time I got that was when I was 8 years old- and LOVED it cause all I ate was sherbet all day! Now it was just a big time off from work waster and miserable few weeks having to take care of myself.

12. I borrowed Pops drill so I can hang shelves and was all excited as I was about to embark on a usual, very manly thing to do around the house. I tapped for the beam in the wall and was proud that I found it so started drilling and put the shelves right up! Looking proudly at my accomplishment, the first time successfully using a drill, I realized I drilled and drilled...right through the wall and out the other side! (this is the first time the Old Man is hearing about this so don't panic. I spackled and repainted. Ship shape!)

13. The icing on the cake? I got summoned for jury duty on the day the Old Man is scheduled to return from Iraq! Ahhhh, at this point, all I can do is laugh!

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amy said...

Interesting list..The good news is you can get out of jury duty one time! they just excused me!!!! Yeah

Dont forget to sign up for the Christopher family blogging scavenger hunt! Its going to be fun and we have added more prizes

Mitchypoo said...

Interesting! I thank you for your husbands service! Happy TT!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

My sil would love to read your blog. My brother recently retired from the AF, got a civilian job. The first thing they did was send him to Baghdad. There's no justice!

Happy TT!

Janne said...

I'm glad Sophie is okay. My first thought was that tainted pet food.

Is there no way they will let you out of jury duty, given the circumstances? I sure hope so!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Time to postpone jury duty! :) Great TT have a wonderful week!

Christie said...

i still can't believe they wouldn't cancel your cable service!!!!!! anyway, wow, yes, this has been quite a year for you. and i can't believe you haven't told me about the green hair!

Crazy Working Mom said...

First off I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU to your husband for his continued service to our country! I am so proud that we have men like him who will stand up and fight for our freedom. God bless him, AND you for all you do. :)

Now, on to business. That was an awesome list. Those stupid, stupid cable people!!! I'll smack 'em upside the head for ya.

Happy TT.

Qtpies7 said...

I hate the cable people. I refuse to have it. Its the good ole antenna for us!

You can send a note requesting to get out of jury duty because your dh is coming home from Iraq, it just might work! I got out just by saying I am a breastfeeding mom.

Stephanie said...

Nice list. My husband is in the Navy and gone a lot. I sympathize with you.

Sparky Duck said...

look at it this way, you have tons to blog about.

this is the first year I have had plants live and its because Mrs Duck has two green thumbs