Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A letter to the families from the Commanding Officer

Dear Families and Friends of 1/6,

I want to thank each of you for your continued support and commitment to our mission here. Despite the extension your loved ones remain strong and professional. They are 1/6 HARD.

Your Marines and Sailors have accomplished so much during our time here in Iraq. We have exceeded expectations. We consistently hear from those who come here whether it be reporters or official representatives… all comment on what a difference they see from the time they spent with us back in August/September to now. They are simply amazed and question why the progress we are making isn’t making headline news. They are overwhelmed at what we have done and continue to do in helping secure and stabilize this part of Ramadi. I am sure everyone is starting to focus in on the details of when we are coming home. I will provide you with the projected timelines below:

Our projected window for return looks to be around 17-22 May. We will arrive on different flights/planes on different days. Remember we are moving over 1000 Marines and Sailors half way across the world.
We will enjoy some time off in the local area during Memorial Day Weekend from Friday May 25th until Tuesday, May 29th ; however, Marines and Sailors will not be allowed to leave the Jacksonville area until 1 June. The post deployment leave period where everyone will request leave will begin at 1200 on 1 June and end at 5pm on 26 June - This leave period still requires that each individual receive specific approval for his request.

The Advanced Party which will be a very small group, is anticipated to arrive sometime during the first week of May. Our 1/6 Military Transition Team (MTT) remains on schedule and should return around the April 23-24 time frame.

Additionally, May 25th is the scheduled date for the battalion Memorial service where we will honor our fallen brothers.

As we get closer to these dates, please know that you will be informed. We will update the 1-800 number as often as we can and as always, you are welcome to call our FRSNCO, SSgt Martins at (910) 451-2407 or (910) 546-9133. Once your Marine or Sailor is informed of the specific plan/flight that he will be assigned, he will be able to contact you with that information or you can contact our FRSNCO who will also have that information. For security reasons, I know you understand why we will not post those types of details on the website.

Please be patient. Your Marines and Sailors will not have those specifics until approximately one week prior to our return. Anything you hear otherwise is a “rumor” and should be treated as such… I know it is frustrating -- but let’s remember that our priority remains to keep these guys focused on the mission at hand and I need your help now more than ever to accomplish this.

Again, I thank you for your continued support of 1/6. God bless you all for the strength and sacrifice you have shown in supporting these brave men.

In your service,W. M. Jurney
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion 6th Marines


Anonymous said...

Thank You Lord...for seeing these Servicemen and Women through this journey thus far. No words can explain the anxiety that all of us have felt through this time, let alone the Soldiers who have spent their time in Iraq away from their loved ones. They are all HEROES to me, and we owe our Freedom to their sacrifices. God Bless them all, and please see them home safely.
Older Man Hancock

Anonymous said...

ITS FINALLY HERE!! Can you believe it? At last, we finally hear a date. This is great news! I hope to see you there on homecoming!


Harry said...

It's true these men and woman are special to all of us, Truly HEROS. To those who know them we can say this, to those who don't know them, I say, "you should"know them. They are the cream of the crop.
GOD is good and will be there for all of you, families and friends. I am so glad to hear they are coming home, can't wait to see you.....all of YOU. I can think of others that can't wait either....

Harry said...
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