Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen WONDERFUL things that signify the deployment is winding down and THE OLD MAN WILL BE HOME SOON!!!!
(Thursday Thirteen is back! Yay!!!)

1. The shipping deadline has passed!!!!!!

2. The weekends are easier now knowing that soon I'll be spending them with my husband!

3. The Old Man enrolled in school and is taking steps to set up things for himself when he returns!

4. I said farewell to Gloria, the wonderful, wonderful- now friend of mine who works at the Post Office .

5. My husband is calling everyday since he is done with his infamous Rotations!

6. I threw out my free USPS postal supplies and my Sams Club giant size bubble wrap is almost out!

7. I have my "Gotta look good" hair/mani/pedi appointment scheduled!

8. My journal is getting harder and harder to fill!!

9. My husband is starting to ship things home he can't carry!!!

10. We're bought our plane tickets to visit our families and our hometowns!!

11. We're planning our Aruba "1 year anniversary, thank GOD this is over, boy did I miss you" trip!!


13. And I'm not saying who, what, where, when, or how...but there is some talk about a Welcome Home Party in the air!!!

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amy said...

I am thrilled for both of you. I know you are on cloud 9. What an awesome list!

Qtpies7 said...

yeah!!! We were military during the Gulf war. Thanks for living without your dh for awhile to keep us all safe!

Ingrid said...

it's great news!!!! that is really something to look forward to. it just gets better from here on!!! good luck to both of you!!! great T13 list this week.

Pen said...

What wonderful news! Thank you for the sacrifices your family has made so we can live free & safe!

Happy Thirteen!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! We are almost there!! I hope to meet you on homecoming day!! :) I CANT WAIT!! WHOOOOHOOO!!


Jungle Mom said...

I saw you on CMB. Hello from Venezuela. I am the wife of a 3rd generation marine. I would say EX marine but, once a marine always a marine!

Christie said...

yay yay yay!!!!!!! i love how every one of those things ended with an exclamation mark! so I'll put one here! And here!!! And a couple more here!!!!!!!!

Cara said...

I thought that Thursday Thirteen was over!! I'm doing it next Thursday. I'll start planning for it now!

So sooon!!