Friday, March 23, 2007

The HO'S came to the rescue!!!

I was a little stressed about how I was gonna take on the move alone, but as always, my family came to the save the day! Or as we playfully nicknamed ourselves, The HO'S! (the Hancock, Hill, O'Sullivans)

We're all moved in and everything is in it's place. I finally have a date for the cable and Internet guy, the walls are painted, the floors refinished, I re-grouted the super gross bathroom tile until the old man can come home to re-tile it, I went for my first grocery run, and I figured out how to make my way to work on the local buses. Now I just have to get used to the sounds of our big empty house when I'm trying to fall asleep. (And our neighbors! haha) Ahhhh, the joys of home owning!

Moving weekend wasn't too bad. We were in a super time crunch to move, repaint and clean our old place, and try to unpack so I could repack for my trip to Annapolis the following Monday. I couldn't gather up any "Man hands" as we were calling it so I got a few movers for a few hours and with the Old Man's help, we were done in less than five hours!

We almost lost him in our see of boxes!

He was a bit ambitious here...

Oops! He lost his footing!

Taking a well deserved break!

As you can see, he was a big help with the mattress.

All Done!!!

We caught his back seat driving habit in action!

He decided to take over and drive himself!

We made it to our new home!

The rest of the weekend was go, go, go, go, go! My sister really put it best. To read about our weekend, click on the links below.

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YaY!!! You guys moved in!!