Monday, March 19, 2007

An update on the Old Man (and his Old Lady)

Homecoming is fast approaching, YAY!! I've talked to the Old Man every day (for a week!) and he's doing pretty good. He's definitely ready to come home and super excited about the house. I've shown him pictures of the progress and he got a laugh out of his "mini-me".

He said that work is going OK and his Marines are doing well. Time has been going by pretty slow now that they're back from rotation. He's managed to lose a few pounds (not that he had any to lose to begin with) by running (what seems like) a hundred miles everyday and eating (what sounds like) the the smallest amount of food possible. Then he continued to talk about the amazing Falafels he eats all the time! Hopefully he has talked to everyone by now. He can check his email and he can get mail for just a few more weeks so don't forget to send Easter presents!!

As for me, I'm back from my week long business trip and about to head off to Philly for another at the end of this week. I got through my midterm papers, but school just hasn't slowed down. The house is coming along really nice. We're all moved in and getting settled. I'll post pictures on here of the progress and the move soon. Basically, it's been homework, house, traveling for work, homework, house, travelling for work, homework, house, work.... Soon it'll be homecoming party!, homecoming party!!!!, homecoming party!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few more weeks! :)

Oh, and the blog's been a little slow lately. I don't have the Internet at home and it's KILLING me!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep praying for our Marines safe return!!

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Christie said...

awww anna mary! your blog's the color of your house! cute!