Monday, March 19, 2007

A letter to the 1/6 family and friends from the Chaplain

Dear families, former members, and friends of 1/6,

The weather out here is beginning to change and the dry, warm season in quickly upon us. As you know things have been quite, but mostly due to the Marines being active. The young men have remained steadfast in their missions to the point of giving the bad guys little room to wiggle. As you have also heard, one of our big elements of success is working with the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police. While I am no expert to illustrate the ins and outs of this success, I am qualified to say the Marines have done a great job of partnering up with these guys. Yes it has taken, learning the language, cleaning up after them, and a ton of patience. However these guys are pulling it off and the IAs and IPs are taking control of some once tough territory.

For those of you of faith, we have been focusing most of our services around who we are as God’s children and what it means to be sinners. While this may seem a bit dark, my belief is if we know our sins, then the cross will mean all that much more to us. Soon Easter will be upon us, and we will be ready to embrace God’s gift of salvation through the risen Savior. This is my most exciting part of the season.

With all this being said, while the men continue strong, they are also smelling the home cooked food and the fresh lemonade. Continue to pray for us, keep the good news coming, stay close to each other, and soon we will be home ready to take you out for a fine dinner.


Chaplain Jamie

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